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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Smile makeovers range over a wide field of treatments: They can be as simple as repairing chipped and worn edges of teeth Straightening of crooked or twisted teeth Closing spaces in gappy smiles Enhancing uneven gum line, improving the framework…

  • Advanced Treatments

    Advanced Treatments

    Despite all the preventative dentistry available in this modern era, we still sometimes have to restore and deal with problems, which have advanced or deteriorated beyond our control. Such problems may be loss of bone or gum to such an…

  • Fresh Breath Clinic

    Fresh Breath Clinic

    Fresh Breath Clinic Bad breath is an embarrassing thing to deal with and can have many social implications. Often people have bad breath without even knowing about it. What are the causes of bad breath? Bad breath is caused by…