Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry


Dr Gurdev Talwar has three children of her own and has been treating children for over 15 years. Her caring, gentle and unrushed approach means, even nervous and apprehensive children feel relaxed and comfortable under care. She is proud to say with today’s, modern preventative techniques, “Children do not need to have injections or fillings!”

At our practice, we offer free examination to the children, whose parents are practice members. The exam includes checking for gum disease. This is important as gum disease can be inherited from parents, and early detection can prevent tooth loss. All treatments are discounted by 50% for children of the practice. Our aim is to provide your child with the best dental care available to secure their dental health.

Correct oral hygiene techniques and diet advice is the key to help children keep their teeth for life. Gurdev uses a small camera to show the children their teeth and areas they may not be cleaning well and this helps with motivating good oral hygiene habits.

Fissure Sealants- Fissure sealant is a white resin placed into the deep pits and fissures of back teeth.  Some teeth have deep pits and fissures, which causes the back teeth to accumulate plaque. This plaque can cause decay and the need for fillings. By sealing the back teeth, you can avoid the need for injections and fillings. Fissure seals are especially good for children with braces, as it can be difficult to brush well whilst wearing a brace.

Scaling and polishing- Scaling and polishing is not usually for children with deciduous (milk) teeth. However, it is necessary if the child has bleeding gums; plaque and calculus (tartar) build up on the permanent teeth or a strong tendency to inherited gum disease.

Orthodontics (Braces) – If your child has crooked or spaced teeth, they could benefit from tooth straightening, we will let you know. The practice will refer your child to a specialist orthodontist, who can carry out tooth straightening under the NHS if they meet the NHS criteria. We can also carry out the teeth straightening in the practice on a private basis.

Diet Advice – The correct diet advice will prevent the need for extensive and costly treatments in the future. Gurdev can check the children’s teeth and let you know if foods and drinks are affecting your child’s tooth enamel.

Fillings- If your child does need a filling, we use a pain free technique and, tooth coloured filling materials.