Orthodontics/ Braces



Many people feel embarrassed or disadvantaged by having crooked teeth, or even unsightly gaps between their teeth. Most adults are also under the false belief; they are too old to have braces. The fact is, you can have a brace at any stage of your adult life.

By having teeth gently straightened with modern cosmetic braces, it is the preferred way of achieving a beautiful smile. Imagine, having straight and healthy looking teeth after wearing braces for only 4-9 months! This is now easily possible with the revolutionary Six Month Smiles braces and the Inman Aligner.

Once Gurdev has corrected the teeth alignment, they can be whitened with conventional teeth whitening techniques to achieve a fresher and younger look. Any minor chips or gaps can then also be corrected with BONDING (simple use of tooth coloured filling materials).

Having straight, white teeth will improve your confidence and self-esteem.