General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Full Mouth Examination and Oral Cancer Screen, includes the following checks:

  • Gum Health Assessment –

    We check your gum health, as this is the key to keeping your teeth. Bleeding gums or family history of pyoria or periodontal disease could mean you are vulnerable.

  • Teeth & Fillings –

    any chipped or broken teeth will allow bacteria to cause decay and infection, these problems do not cause pain until severe in nature. Early detection and treatment can prevent such problems.

  • Oral Cancer screening –

    we always review the soft tissues as part of our Oral Cancer Screening as early detection can save your life.

  • Gag reflex –

    Large tonsils can mean a very strong gag reflex, this can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. We are aware of this condition, and Gurdev’s deep breathing and hypnotherapy techniques can help relax this reflex.

  • Wear of teeth –

    if you are damaging your teeth through grinding or acid damage, we educate you on preventative measures and may advise a custom-made mouth guard. A general soft mouthguard can exacerbate not solve the problem.

  • Temporomandibular (TMJ) assessment-

    we check the jaw joint for any abnormal clicking or pain.

  • Bite and excursive bite -

    Sometimes high fillings, crowns or over erupted or worn teeth can cause you to have sensitivity and pain which you cannot explain. Checking the bite is important assessment to prevent stress and further pain.

  • X-rays -

    taken as required to help identify decay in hidden areas and to check the bone around the teeth


For small to medium sized cavities, we recommend the use of composite resin (white filling material). Modern white fillings bond to teeth, giving the tooth support and have a very natural appearance making them the superior alternative to amalgam metal fillings.

Before With Amalgam & After With Composite


For larger cavities or replacement fillings, we strongly recommend bonded porcelain restorations. The advantages of porcelain are:

  • Increased strength - longer lasting
  • Bonding to tooth substance - the porcelain will actually bond and support the tooth much better
  • Superior aesthetics - porcelain that is artistically shaped and polished has the most life like appearance compared to any dental material
  • Precision Fitting - the porcelain inlay or overlay is computer designed in the dental laboratory and hand finished by a master ceramist technician working with magnification loops to ensure the best fit possible

For the longest lasting restorations, gold is the ideal option. Precision made gold inlays or crowns are strong and durable, if you accept the aesthetic compromise.



Crowns are strong covers for heavily restored or weak and cracked teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

All porcelain crowns are strong, look natural and can bond strongly to tooth substance. The metal free, modern choice.

Porcelain bonded to Precious Metal Alloy

The traditional choice for very weak, cracked or heavily restored teeth.

Gold alloy crowns

Full gold crowns are strong, comfortable and long lasting. However, they are not as pleasing in appearance as porcelain crowns. If you can put up with the colour, they are the gold standard.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required if:

  • A tooth is badly broken down
  • There is infection inside a tooth
  • There is a large, deep filling present that is close to the nerve within the tooth

Gurdev has special interest in this intricate field of dentistry, and takes great care to make this procedure comfortable and pain free. She has gained her experience by working and training with specialists.

Painless Extractions

We assure you of painless extractions when a tooth or root is requiring removal. We administer adequate, strong topical and local anaesthetic and use specialized, precision instruments to loosen the tooth significantly before careful removal.