? I am embarrassed of my mouth

Please do not worry about your mouth, or of being judged. We at Little Aston Dental Care, are here to help you improve and rectify these problems. We have had many people in the same situation who now are happy to smile again.

? Do you straighten children’s teeth

Yes. On a private basis, but if your child is eligible to have the orthodontics carried out on the NHS, we will be happy to refer you to the relevant orthodontist.

? I am too old to have my teeth straightened, and it takes more than 2 years. Will you veneer my teeth

At Little Aston Dental Care, we straighten teeth using the 6 Month Smiles method. This white brace uses gentle, friction reducing techniques, which means the brace works faster and more efficiently than the conventional old metal brace. You can have a brace at any age. Veneers are a perfectly good alternative, if you have misshapen or discoloured teeth. Dr Gurdev Talwar prefers not to cut healthy teeth if they can be improved by non-destructive methods.

? Will you see me, even though I am not registered with you

Yes. We will never turn anyone away, whether in pain or even just seeking a second opinion. We have many patients who bring their visiting family members, to have their dental care undertaken by us.

? I live abroad for part of the year, but would prefer to see you. Can I be seen when I return

Yes. We have many patients in this situation who are seen when they return to the UK, or who work in different parts of the UK.

? Are you taking on new patients

Currently we have an open door policy and are happy to take on new patients.

? Is it really pain-free

All of Gurdev’s patients get topical anaesthetic gel, which numbs the gum, before any procedure involving injections. This gel application, together with a calm and gentle touch, means the injection is comfortable and pain free. Some people need more than others and the patient is always consulted to check for proper anaesthesia.

? I don’t have any dental pain, so I’ve never seen the need to see a dentist

Pain is not a good indicator of dental conditions. The mouth can put up with and adapt to chronic slow infections for numerous years. It is only when the individual’s immune system gets overloaded, that the problem manifests itself as pain. Dr Gurdev Talwar is firm believer that prevention is better than cure. Teeth are only small structures and the less we remove from them, the longer they will last. With modern preventative techniques, we can aim to keep our teeth for life.

? What is the Complaints Procedure

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? How do you keep my information secure

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