Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

I feel I must write to you and let you know how delighted I am with the treatment I have received. I recently discussed having porcelain veneers, although I wanted to improve the appearance of my teeth I was a little apprehensive about going ahead not knowing if this would be a painful procedure and would I be happy with the end result.
I need not of worried as you explained everything about the procedure, explaining how long the work would take, giving me a written quotation of the cost, and suggesting the making of a diagnostic model of my new teeth with a mock up in my mouth, so I had a good idea of what the finished work would look like, I would highly recommend doing this to anyone thinking of embarking on this kind of treatment as once I saw how the model looked I couldn’t wait to start the journey!
This week my treatment was completed and I now have the teeth I always wanted, many thanks to you and your caring team for the help and guidance given I am extremely grateful to you all.


A Smile Speaks All Languages

Cosmetic dentistry is now in the reach of everyone and ranges from minimal treatments such as Tooth Whitening and Bonding, to more complex plans involving, Veneers, Crowns and Implants.

Improving your smile can really help self-confidence and give you a boost.

Smile makeovers range over a wide field of treatments. Sometimes a combination approach is required to create a bespoke and beautiful smile.

  • They can be as simple as repairing chipped and worn edges of teeth
  • Straightening of crooked or twisted teeth
  • Closing spaces in gappy smiles
  • Enhancing uneven gum line, improving the framework of your smile
  • Veneers and crowns to enhance and strengthen weak and mis-shapen teeth
  • Tooth whitening to freshen and brighten up aging or stained teeth

Dr Gurdev Talwar has created and enhanced thousands of beautiful smiles. Her skill, experience, attention to detail and patience, together with excellent technical staff, means she can create the smile that suits your face.

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