Professional Fees

Disclaimer: The professional fees listed are an indication of costs, for your information. These are subject to increase depending on individual needs and case complexity.
Practice Plan members that pay for routine care by direct debit, do not get charged for emergency appointments or extra x-rays and get 20% off treatments.*

New Patient examination and oral cancer screen or 2nd opinion Examination £65.00
Regular Patient Examination £40.00
Assessment appointment for pain/problem/concern £65.00
Small x-ray £14.00
Hygiene from £48.00
Fillings from £45 to £225
Root Canal treatment from £350
Crowns (metal free or porcelain bonded to precious metal) £635
Gold Crowns from £895
Veneers £635
Acrylic Dentures from £335- £850
Valplast or flexible dentures £950
Chrome and acrylic denture £1250
Orthodontic assessment, including xrays and study models £200
Fixed tooth coloured Braces range from £1500-£3000
Invisible Braces / Clear aligners from £850-3500
Advanced Periodontal Treatment from £375
Bone Augmentation from £625
Implant and crown £2350
Periodontal Pocket Depth Charting from £35
Emergency appointment for irregular attender/ not registered patient £110

*Please see details on our Membership Plan. Discounts do not apply to implants, braces or facial aesthetics treatments.

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