Membership Plans

We offer Practice Plan’s Membership Plan

This is a membership plan that allows you to pay for routine care by spreading the cost over a 12-month period. Different levels of plan are available depending upon your dental and gum health. Our dentist will be able to advise you for the best plan that suits your needs.

Advantages of being a plan member:

  1. Do not have to pay for emergency/ problem or concern appointment. Normal fee £45 (no limit on number of emergency appointments and no charge to plan members).
  2. Any number of necessary x-rays covered in plan- no extra charge for plan members. Normal fee per x-ray from £12.50.
  3. 20% discount on treatments. * – for example:
    Crown fee £635 / Practice plan member fee £508
    Root canal treatment fee £545 / Practice plan member fee £436
    Small composite filling fee £86 / Practice plan member fee £68.80
  4. World-wide emergency cover, dental trauma, emergency temporary treatment. A specified amount if you are diagnosed with oral cancer and this is the primary cancer site.*
  5. Monthly reimbursement of your plan membership cost if you are made compulsorily redundant.*

*Full details of membership plans and exclusions available at practice.

Compare the options

Click here to see a comparison between our different Membership Plans.

What will I save if I join the Membership Plan?

Click here to see a comparison between our professional fees and the costs under our Membership Plan to see what you can save.

How do I register?

You just need to complete a simple agreement form to become a member. This will require your signature and bank account details. We will then set up a monthly Direct Debit payment.

Please speak to any member of the team if you would like more information.