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Not bad service at all, for new top denture, excellent fit and feels part of the other teeth. The extraction was also painless despite it being very difficult to get out.


Teeth are important not just for eating and smiling but they affect the way we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves. Losing teeth at any age can lead to loss of confidence and premature facial aging.

There many ways to replace missing teeth:


Due to advances in technology and materials, many types of dentures are available. Dr Gurdev Talwar can advise on which is best for your individual situation. Dentures that fit across the roof of the mouth, now can be made smaller and lighter with less coverage, allowing you to taste your food. Dentures which are loose due to shrinkage of the jaws, can be stabilised with implants.


Small spaces with teeth either side, can be filled with bridges. These are crowns/caps which fit over an existing tooth and support a replacement for the missing tooth. There are many designs and materials for bridges, book an appointment for further information about which option best suits you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium cylinders which are placed in the missing space’s jaw bone. The bone then grows around the implant, stabilising and anchoring the implant. A bridge or crown can then be fixed on top of the implant which fills the missing gap. At Little Aston Dental Care, we only use Straumann implants and are happy to discuss the best options for you.

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